Beijing rental price hit a 7-year high ant worried about regulation, "base rent
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December 16, the Ministry of Housing and Urban official website issued a "commodity housing rental management approach." Article VIII of the way: rental housing, the original design of the room should be minimum rental units, the per capita floor area of not less than renting the local people the minimum standards required by the Government. Kitchen, bathroom, balcony and underground storage for not letting people live. Violation of this section, by the municipality, city and county government building or real estate department in order to make corrections, fails to do, a fine of 5,000 yuan more than 30,000 yuan shall be imposed. Chen Xuyang (a pseudonym) began to worry that he still able to own 500 per month that the "one-third of an acre of land" stick in the end. Live in fear from a few days ago that the Ministry of Construction promulgated the "Measures for the Administration of goods rental" Chen Xuyang in line to see this news first reaction was to play the intermediary was renting a phone call. Yesterday (December 21), Chen Xuyang told the "Daily News" reporter, as has just signed a one year lease, so if he was worried that next year can continue to live here, "but you told me you can rest assured that no will pipe. " This answer did not really give Chen Xuyang eating a reassurance, he was concerned that once bid farewell to "cut off the room", since he can pay the high rent. According to Albert I love my family statistics show that: 2010 Beijing residential rental market volume rose 13.78% over last year, the city's average rent 2793 yuan / month / sets, up 15.56% year on year, reaching 7 years rental prices in Beijing a new high, and next year the price of the rental market of 9% or 13% of the increase. Base rent "repeated" A three-bedroom (100 square meters) more than 20 people live, which Beijing Changping District, Beijing Tiantongyuan the largest residential area, not really nothing new. Even if the Department of Housing and Urban recently proposed to regulate the rental of goods act, but through the intermediary Tiantongyuan district along the street, trying to find a so-called "boutique single room" is not difficult. Recently, an intermediary Tiantongyuan West District officers to the "Daily Economic News" reporter revealed that the current rent within the district accounted for the group of five into the rental market, except for a few owners of their rental housing is separated into a single room was already beyond the basic Most are from the principal tenant or to the operation of individual agency, "you generally rented from the landlord whole, the entire ordinary three-bedroom rental price of 3,000 yuan / month or so, but the stall rent, the rent at least more out of 500 yuan to 1,000 yuan / month range. " Compartment rent out the excess profits for the lessor is willing to maximize the "Space", and compared with normal room rentals, the partition between the low price also "draw" a lot of people's heart. "Who wants to live in this house, the wall is wood, in addition to a bed a table, and then let go of other things." Chenxu Yang's Area with a rented building at the north Tiantongyuan the six, the reporter saw , was divided into dozens of houses have been hard to see the original layout, even the kitchen also placed two on the bed. Less than 20 square meters of living off luck is not labeled, but put four on the bed, all kinds of wire, strip mixed together, electric cup, rice cookers and other everyday household appliances on the floor. Chenxu Yang told reporters that the reason why insist on living in this place can not be called a house to a few hundred dollars mainly because of rent, "is a place to sleep, in which are the same." Intermediaries such as journalists just such an account to Tiantongyuan a building, for example, planning for the 24 living persons / unit, if This building has 5 units, 3 people per household, there will be 360 households. However, more than half of the actual housing for base rent, calculated in accordance with 15 people per household, the entire floor, the actual household over a thousand people. The actual number of people living over the planning for nearly 3 times. "By last year, and the owner of my communication, we removed nearly 40 between partition walls. This year the situation is slightly better off leasing, but not completely cure." Beijing Shun Tong told a person in charge of property companies "Daily News" reporter, the lack of related regulations promulgated, black intermediate, main tenants from control, resulting in the phenomenon of Tiantongyuan regions of repeated base rent. The overload of the group such as rent Tiantongyuan Beijing base rent is only a microcosm of the market. In Huilongguan, more focused on land and other residential areas, base rent has become the most helpless North drifters choice. Suppression group will raise the rent or lease Reporter's identity in order to rent Tiantongyuan region after visiting several intermediaries understand that the lease of the region's second-hand housing prices relatively stable, but many intermediaries are still pushing the "low price" cut off the room. "Living on the Zhou Changping District Construction Committee has to do field research Tiantongyuan found that the current per capita living space to regulate some difficulty still exists. And there is no formal introduction in the relevant laws and regulations is not good hands before we remediation, it is expected that the policy introduced soon . "the official told reporters Tiantongyuan property. "At present, the management practices to the room as the smallest unit possible to eliminate a group of rent, but the actual implementation of many problems faced." Beijing Central China real estate market research, research director Zhang Dawei told the "Daily News" reporter, Beijing this year, soaring rental market rent, rental customer base is selected in order to save rent rent rental guarantee in the absence of settlement, based on the base rent is only likely to stop making the rent rise again. Dawei said that the regulation of the rental market in housing prices should rise too fast, based on the guide more housing stock into the rental market to low-income people to do the rental guarantee. In this regard, Albert I love my family analysis showed that, by February 1 next year, the imminent implementation of "Measures for the Administration of goods rental" of the future people will be sharing some time because of the limited area of sharing a large area or be forced to choose room availability to balance between paying the rent, so next year, the big house in the rental market will maintain an upward trend in the proportion of turnover.