ZHIFU successfully completed the work of the annual rental subsidies to low-
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The lowest income families to ease the city's housing problems, based on low-cost housing rental subsidies to meet the payment of the family principle cities do, Yantai City housing support service center to further standardize business processes and improve efficiency for the review, Canada Large contact coordinate efforts to ensure that low-rent housing rental subsidies to the successful implementation of issuance of work. Up to now, the area for a total of 195 new 101 family housing rental subsidies for low-cost procedures, and 2007 to obtain low-cost rental housing subsidies this year, 631 families, 1294 people were carefully reviewed, and actively coordinate with the City property files, property files and the District District Summary 查档 three, the successful completion of the area's lowest income families rental subsidies to low-rent housing task of maximizing the Yingbaojinbao for certain low-income families living .