East first low-cost housing Yaohao 1912 hundred percent of families with rent
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Yesterday (30), Dongcheng District, the first low-rent public housing Shiwupeizu Yaohao ceremony. Participate in the family a total of 1912 摇号, Chang Ying, Chaoyang District, with rent, BA Xiang and Fengtai District East songjiazhuang, dahongmen region 1925 sets the physical low-rent housing, with rent home in the ballot was 100%. 15:00 Yaohao began. After 20 minutes, 31 three-bedroom home, 786 two-bedroom home, 510 one bedroom home, 585 single-family bungalows were divided into four groups to determine the order of the election room. The deployment of the city to live in the Dongcheng District Construction Committee 1925 suites source, only the floor area of 48-55 square meters respectively, the two-bedroom and 30 to 37 square meters one bedroom, so family can downshift three-bedroom two-bedroom before the election, Single family bungalow can choose a room upshift. It is understood, Dongcheng District, since 2001 the implementation of low-rent housing policy has been the way rental subsidies to low-cost housing subsidies for families, the region has a total payment of 123 million housing subsidies, low-rent housing benefit 4500 families families. The low-rent housing Shiwupeizu the first time in the Dongcheng District, is currently under way in different accounting of the rental housing units.摇号 results released yesterday afternoon, the official election room will be held soon.