Henan 250,000 residents enjoy a low-cost housing policy in the construction of
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As of the end of October, the province has 255,454 residents to enjoy low-rent housing policy, and in the construction of 116,400 units by the fitness room. Yesterday, the provincial government announced the province this year, housing support work, the security measures being carried out steadily. In the low-cost housing, as at the end of October, the province is implementing the low-rent housing guarantee 255,454, of which 235,974 payment of rental subsidies, Shiwupeizu 18187, rent deduction 1293. Low-rent housing projects under construction 327, in the construction area of 700 square meters, 140,800 units, of which, 1 month to 10 months, new construction 3,385,400 square meters, 6.77 million units, completed 1.85 million square meters, 3.7 million units, complete invested 1.92 billion. The fitness room, the province's area of 10,262,800 square meters in construction, 116,400 sets. Among them, 1 to 10 months, new construction 5,770,600 square meters, the completion of 2,083,700 square meters, 2.36 million units, completed an investment of 4.502 billion yuan.