Lanzhou City 908 needy households will stay low-rent housing
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Lanzhou City housing hardship looked forward to good news: With the area, "Placing the implementation of low-rent housing with rent approach" recently enacted by the end of Lanzhou City will have 908 housing hardship to stay low-rent housing. End of next year Stay low-rent housing hardship to reach 1886. It is understood that the enactment of Lanzhou City's "low-rent housing with rent Placing the implementation of measures" to further relax the conditions of low-rent housing report, to allow more low-income residents have a fixed housing. Before the end of this year, Lanzhou City Chengguan District will have 908 low-rent housing subsidies for families stay at the placing price of 1520 yuan per square meter of low-rent housing. According to the "measures", the household will own 60% of low-rent housing property rights, the next five years, as long as the tenants will be per square meter 980 yuan to pay all of the remaining funds, property rights will become private. The "measures" Another bright spot is more emphasis on humanity. Housing in the hardship distribution, to provide in the form of requirements: "After the line with the approved Conditions of the applicant, according to old and sick from the street allocated to 1 to 3 layers. " It is understood that, at present, Lanzhou City is raise funds in various relevant departments to step up low-cost housing construction, is expected to end next year, stay low-rent housing for needy households will reach 1886.