Peng Hui 1 per low-rent housing is the focus on peoples livelihood template
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First low-rent housing Linhai City, Zhejiang Telephone Number 22 official, 40 urban low-income housing for needy families will move into new homes. And some local "low cost housing is not cheap" in contrast, these households pay only a month in rent during the rent a dollar. In order to ensure "housing distribution" fair, open and fair, the city government, discipline, the NPC, CPPCC and other departments also participated in the on-site ballot supervision. Meanwhile, the low-rent housing will be a "rental card" form, a dynamic management. Low cost housing "shall not be lent, leased or used in operating activities", the annual renewal will be the object of the lease conditions of approval. By the municipal departments draw on-site supervision of low-rent housing and the annual review of the lease object, can be seen in the treatment of low-cost housing to local issues, is indeed serious, and 1 yuan in rent, you can almost be said to be in the low-rent housing Lim, the first such efforts dared "to eat crabs" are. Previously, Guangzhou has been leasing from the market for thousands of small family housing units for low-cost housing, because it charges 1 yuan per square meter and the "Guanjue moment", and low-rent housing Linhai fees, can be said to be achieved simply limit. Is truly low-rent housing, and to what extent low that has always been public, especially low-income and disadvantaged groups are concerned, for the majority can not have "1 per spike" housing opportunities for low-income people this is bizarre , Linhai City, 1 per low-rent housing there is no doubt a very attractive and inspiring important step. In fact, around the low-rent housing was still "quite a mixed bag," the reality context, is a model completely right. As we all know, low-cost housing construction reflected the government's responsibility and obligation to functional departments, provide a public service, but in the low-cost housing construction and operation of the specific process, similar to the low-cost housing is not cheap, low-rent housing built leaking roof, wall cracking quality problems, remote areas, facilities, and because of corruption or lack of unfair distribution of rent-seeking and other issues can be common, making the function of low-cost housing has not been fully exploited, they became the object of being superficial and distorted. The strange situation came out, probably the one hand, local government land due to financial and political achievements of thinking; the other hand, profit, no profit, developers will have a hard enthusiasm, hastily mentality, quality Nature is not guaranteed. Thus, the low-cost housing construction, selective escape from time to time performed, or it can not escape, it would "open a new path", as Langao County, Shaanxi Province, as, simply intended to pre-built to sell 280 sets of low-rent housing, low-rent housing for a into a cash cow for the local related departments, which not "turning waste into treasure," "miraculous" it? 1 yuan to build low-rent housing, not only the policy of good will, to some extent, it undoubtedly requires courage. Especially in the "different" circumstances, the 1 per template effect of low-rent housing will retreat in the crowd in, and then be "assimilated" out, it still need to observe.