Dalian loan fund to invest in affordable housing construction for the first time
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Reporter from the housing provident fund management center in Dalian was informed that the end of this year to 9, Dalian to invest a total of 6 billion loan fund affordable housing projects, this is the first use of Dalian fund construction of affordable housing loans. Dalian municipal authorities said that loans will continue to focus on the future fund to support affordable housing and public rental housing construction.

It is understood that the individual housing provident fund loans Dalian low interest offers, procedures and other advantages of a trade union convenient choice for home loans, greatly improved the ability to pay the purchase of low-income families, the formation of a "low cost housing loans to policy mainly in the price of housing loans to portfolio-based, commercial loans 高价房 based "pattern, strong support of affordable housing and public rental housing construction, as at the end of year 6, the cumulative extraction of low-cost housing construction in the city additional funds 7.87 billion, and turned over to the municipal government for housing security services, including the housing "dual poor" families with rental subsidies for low-rent housing 23,200 times, 48.21 million yuan.

Currently, Dalian Housing Provident Fund benchmark deposit base increased from the first two or three hundred dollars to 3,100 yuan, the maximum not more than 16,155 yuan, which will effectively improve the workers to purchase houses.