Building hire is referenced 2008 valence
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The building market that rent is the main component of estate market system, the building of compose building ripe stability rents the market to be able to pass market mechanism to reasonable adjustment and satisfy the housing demand of estate, solve living problem, stabilize housing value, because this is mixed smoothly to the health of estate market,can develop continuously having important sense. Build for scientific compose what develop level and photograph of crowd of disparate arrangement of ideas to suit with economic society is mutiple level housing is supplied and consume a system, city land room is in charge of bureau height to take what the building rents the market seriously to breed, built the house that put an amount unite on the net trade platform, strengthen pair of intermediary markets and the superintendency of the market that rent, announce building hire to consult valence also is one of important steps.
To reasonable guiding building hire level, breed and active building rents the market, mix health of stimulative estate market, smoothly can develop continuously, the basis builds a department " the announcement that works about strengthening estate market to monitor an analysis " (build housing [2006]127 date) and " Guangzhou town house rents management to set " (municipal government makes 2008 the 5th) spirit, institute of the government of Guangzhou city estate that rent was released on September 9 this year " about announcing hire of Guangzhou town house consulted 2008 the announcement of valence " (〔 of spic room land rent 2008 〕 70) . The citizen can pass natural resources of Guangzhou city land and website of building management board (Http:// inquire price of reference of relevant building hire, if there are any opinions in use process all but electric mail comes mailbox.
Building hire consulted the work out of valence works to be consulted by town house hire valence task group is finished 2008, unit of task team member includes estate of city of bureau of tax of land of city of bureau of statistic of city of bureau of price of city of natural resources of Guangzhou city land and building management board, Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Guangzhou to rent estate of city of administrative institute, Guangzhou intermediary of estate of city of value government institute, Guangzhou serves government place and. Below the joint efforts of unit of the member that the task is comprised, the course collects data extensively, calculate repeatedly revise, with all possible means survey argumentation, form finally building hire is referenced 2008 price gain.
Building hire is referenced 2008 valence and 2007 photograph assimilate to necessary improvement: Was to be perfected further determine technical train of thought of the job; 2 was to establish standard of data of hire reference price; 3 was to abound data origin channel; 4 it is to adjust, refined area and an a section of a highway; 5 was to increase data to collect sample; 6 it is to add development newly " hire of Guangzhou town house consults valence evaluates a system " .
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