The room was bought to part company jointly when be passionately in love spend 3
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A house was bought jointly when be passionately in love of a pair of lovers, parted company later be about to divide a room, but the thing below makes them terribly defeated, spent 3 years of time.
This pair of lovers make main force maly, cry femaly small red, the be passionately in love that 2004 is them period. In those days in March, the father of main forces, small red Ji Xiaogong is collective and contributive 250 thousand in city of overseas Chinese of road of north of riverside mouth big bridge (examine a map) bought a house, signed housing loan contract with the bank at the same time, conduction building mortgages formalities. The house was bought, also live together, but the issue came. In August 2005, two individual fall out with sb, want to part company. Part company divide a room first. When buying a house, main forces gave 24000 yuan only, portion is little, 3 people concluded share agreement, conventional main forces transfers the share of the building small red reach its father, small red 24000 yuan the money that buy a house returns main forces. The agreement has been signed, small red the name take out that asks to join building business Alexandrine main force to house property bureau with main forces, but house property bureau says this is change the name of owner in a register, the ability after getting property right card only deals with formalities of change the name of owner in a register. In September 2005, small red took house property testimony eventually (nature is small red father and main forces also obtained mutual right evidence) , find main forces to deal with formalities of change the name of owner in a register to house property bureau together again then. But house property bureau says to still be no good, because the building has mortgaged,give a bank, want a bank to issue a proof to just go. They come to a bank again, but the bank asks they do notarization first, dealt with notarization then again, all portion that the content of notarial deed is statement of “ main forces to enjoy its to afore-mentioned buildings probably are made over entirely small red reach its father, bank exercise hypothec has nothing to do with its ” . Had notarial deed, bank also issued a proof, agree to be in not below the premise that cancel original mortgage registers, the property right of the building change is You Xiaogong and its father to share. Next 3 people ask conduction property right changes the procedures that register again. But house property bureau says to still be no good, because,be this building set hypothec, want after they pay off loan entirely or forensic court decision affirms building right to belong to, will deal with formalities of change the name of owner in a register again. Dan Xiaogong pays off loan ahead of schedule without ability at all, be forced to sue a court, the requirement affirms house property Gui Xiaogong and its father are all.
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