West Hunan estate collects money illegally cause the person that appeal for help
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Yesterday afternoon, morning paper reporter from Hunan Province municipal Party committee of auspicious head city publicizes a know, the collective of before this city two day happening appeals for help incident has gotten appropriate is handled, masses mood is smooth, already also was restored by traffic of the highway of the influence, railroad.

On September 3, hunan auspicious head city happens one case by collect money illegally fund raising masses collective visits incident to state government. Partial masses went to the street, railway station of auspicious head city to gather again on September 4, cause traffic to break down reach train incur loss through delay.

Municipal Party committee of auspicious head city publicizes a Wang Zhaozhu to told a reporter yesterday, local folk collects money the phenomenon is relatively common, interest is higher also. Estate guilds the interest rate that links prices general investor reduced an in part, the big investor that gets an information leaves in succession, make the blessing big estate that this masses collect seeks place to be aimed at develops limited company to flow to appear in capital difficult.

For this, blessing sold his greatly a value counts 10 thousand yuan thousand real estate. Because information flows not free, after blessing sells its real estate greatly, appeared partner of blessing big real-estate covers the hearsay that runs away now, cause the panic of investor, appeared collective appeals for help incident.

Current, blessing big estate opened limited company to had paid investor interest according to the interest rate of 30% , got forgiving. Collect money illegally company controller already was controlled lawfully by public security mechanism, the traffic inside city restores, whole episode does not have personal casualty. Limited company of blessing big estate already stopped to collect money. The company invests the personnel of the ministry to express, they can continue to pay accrual to give investor according to the regulation. (Origin: News morning paper)

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