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On September 7 dispatch is Jinan city 6 days the 2nd batch sees a room first days via comfortable room, the part will be participated in shake date becomes century China city possibly " bridal chamber guest " citizen, encountered again first classics is comfortable last year the room exists " old difficult problem " . Citizen appeal, low income family buys classics comfortable house, loan respect should offer relevant privilege policy. And enter lead the natural gas that achieves 50% above ability to debut, also answer to debut as early as possible.

Good policy does not let loan tie a foot

"Since loan does not have what privilege policy, lane is bad the economy this year is applicable we must abandon the room. " city of alive discipline China 11 buildings before 3 unit door, the citizen that just sees a room Mr Li and wife are a little helpless.

"A moment ago we understood, loan buys room or without what favourable policy this year, let us take out many 20 money to still have bit of difficulty really at a draught, " the wife of Mr Li says, "Offerred so good policy this year, can be afraid of namely can not afford a house, we are really anxious. " Mr Li tells a reporter, a month can have the wife 1000 yuan of right-and-left income, oneself work to others, can take 700 yuan or so every months. These income even allowance is daily family expenses, take care of old person and child.

The reporter understands, because the bank asks the applicant opens income to prove to just can handle loan from the unit, and a lot of already come off sentry duty, unemployed, or the unit already closed down, go bankrupt explain the person that buy, cannot open income proof, conduction loan.

Borrow money besides commerce, buy the approach that also can take accumulation fund to borrow money via comfortable room. But the person that buy a house to the part, accumulation fund on time, pay of full specified amount did not assure, the way nature of loan also goes be illogical.

"We although can house money collect neat, has not the time henceforth still passed? " mention this thing, the wife of Mr Li one face scowl, "Of Zhou Yi shake date we depend, be no good can abandon only. Be no good can abandon only..

Can be moment of natural gas what entered door?

"Natural gas does not put through, our occupy goes one day uncomfortable a day. Can be moment of natural gas what entered door ah? " gentleman of citizen the first month raised this question.

The gentleman of the first month that lives around 8 lis of bridges this year many years old 60. He obtained evidence of the qualification that buy a house last year, but because want to mix,old partner, child lives together, abandoned one room so the room source of one hall. To classics is comfortable this year of the room door model, area, gentleman of the first month expresses satisfaction, but establishment of form a complete set is not perfect let him very headache.
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