Capital estate borrow money market to traded in August measure annulus comparing
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Yesterday (on September 7) , the know of reporter newest data statistic from Jia Anjie ” of Wei of “ of orgnaization of capital major loan, august estate borrow money market whole to trade the quantity continues to glide, annulus comparing drops 13% the left and right sides.

Investigate its reason, major of “ Wei Jia Anjie ” mortgages adviser to express, the effect that environment of market of financial policy, estate suffers to wait before the Olympic Games, borrower produces wait-and-see mood, as the Olympic Games undertake and traffic is restricted to go during Beijing Olympic Games of measure carry out, the part moves reach decorate a company to suspend professional work, the wait-and-see mood of this part person continues to expand, loan of the person that buy a house buys the apiration of the room to drop point-blank. Bring about finally August estate borrow money market to trade the volume drops point-blank.
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