Female cadaver Jing shows a rented house not to eat " soft meal " man anger kill
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Jing of a female cadaver rents now in the room, clew bequeath is finite, sit as recreational club stage " young lady " she, ever took much person pass the night coming home, who is really fierce?

A man rises to surface gradually, he is her male friend unexpectedly, be what lets him leave this firm hand however?

Be faced with police to capture, the murderer drinks next vitriolic and burned-out pharynx and larynx, commit suicide does not use dagger again into him piercing him heart, he of dead brim whether does the mouth say those who give his to commit the crime motive? For you one by one unveils mystery group.

Sit stage " young lady " cause of death becomes a puzzle

On March 22 that day, live in Shenyang city iron area embroider is versed in on the west on the west street the dweller of 4 buildings stands in downstair, the talking of whisper to each other wears everybody, "Hear of that ' the girl was killed! " 4 - 6 - 1 indoor Xia Haiyan of 22 years old is killed to be in lease the building that come in. "Hear the neck was wiped one knife, be a person receive? System of intercept of top-ranking information monitoring (IMB System)