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On June 5 before dawn 1 when make, xia Mou returns Yinchuan city to promote the music that celebrate an area from Inner Mongolia when the building that 5 teams lease, discovery cannot open door lock with the key. He looks for a room to advocate some asks a reason, zhang Mou says unexpectedly, he sees Xia Mou several days did not live, hire the house additionally another person.
Xia Mou wants to be illogical, when the middle ten days of a month rented a house in May, he paid the rent of a month, a few days can landlord live to lease the building additionally because of him how other?
Final, coordinate via 110 policemans, the room advocates some returned the hire of half month to Xia Mou. Lawyer argument:
Liu Yaping of office of Jia He's attorney's lawyer: In this case, xia Mou can ask house-owner continues to fulfil the contract that rent, also can ask house-owner assumes him to hire the actual loss charge of the room afresh. If Xia Mou is mixed,what sign between house-owner is nonsked the contract that rent, house-owner has authority to ask to remove at any time contract, but because of,should assume Xia Mou this losing charge.

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