House price falls exceed 40% " break for " will bear lifetime liability
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Shenzhen building city " break for " will affect the throughout the country?

House price falls exceeded 40%     " alarming lease a building later, also can be only such. " Miss Li of Shenzhen is very helpless, she tosses the building to the bank, of course she also repays no longer the loan of the bank.

Ying Jun (building dish forum of data price owner) a building that time is Shenzhen city dish, miss Li bought 40 Duopingmi's one-room flat through mortgaging here at the beginning of this year, but after the month that falling 3 months is offerred, miss Li decides to offer -- hand in a month to offer to the bank no longer namely, she did not want this house

"Too beyond the mark, depreciate desperately! " the unit price that Miss Li says to she buys flower county time is 11000 multivariate, a lot of owner prices that buy a bit earlier are higher, highest is 13000 multivariate, but now, time of here new-blown Ying Jun 3 period price has 6888 yuan only, drop exceeded 40% .

Miss Li says, this house has been real negative assets, because this house does not sell 300 thousand yuan, but she owed a bank however many yuan 40 loan, if she continues to raise this flatlet, still borrow add accrual altogether to want 1 million yuan or so to pay a bank.

The reporter understands, last year at the moment, shenzhen house price still is gotten go up countrywide belt bellwether, this year right now, house price had become Shenzhen to get however drop countrywide champion, shenzhen built commodity house June all valence every square metre 11000 yuan, than last year the height October had dropped 36% .

Bank loss is bigger

The reporter understands, break at present those who offer is not only the person that buys a room to live oneself so like Miss Li, still having a lot of is to fry building guest to had been broken offer. But Miss Li thinks, actually the biggest loser still is them the person that these buy a house. [Shenzhen breaks face of Zhang of half an year of the person that offer to have a deficit 180 thousand will be faced with a bank to sue]

What kind of manner is the bank is offerred to breaking?

Reporter: "Everybody wanted to offer, is your bank nervous? Is your bank nervous??

Staff member of branch of Shenzhen of Bank of China: "Anyhow is broken for bad to pron yourselves, you these problem pron yourselves look, can influential to credit. Can influential to credit..

Reporter: "But you think your bank 8889, about a hundred the money of 10 thousand is given off, receive the sentence that does not come back, don't you fear? Loss should the bank is bigger. Loss should the bank is bigger..

Staff member of branch of Shenzhen of Bank of China: "We still have development we are helped do over there business assure a room. "We still have development we are helped do over there business assure a room..
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