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 The care of house price

A characteristic with the commonnest kid depends on having a job time is shorter, fortune is accumulated finite, go up in course of study of the buy that buy a house consequently, taller to the susceptibility of the price. Pay ability to already became the obstacle with young buy the biggest line of business.

A, shanghai house price already arrived exalted. Passed 2007 rise quickly, at present unit price is in 10 thousand yuan of the following buildings dish already can be counted on one's fingers, 90 square metre are the following in small family supply still slant close, at every turn the house price of 1 million above, more than 300 thousand yuan head pay, the young people that make a world still shallow have too many problems to deal with. Even if has father and mother aid financially solved head pay, the follow-up life quality that still lends hard to avoid to have caustic future continuously.

Tall house price is derived again a series of other obstacle. Accept the restriction that pays ability, in downtown high-grade residence already too high to reach, young buy course of study often must choose to be apart from the periphery region with more remote urban district. Downtown traffic gives a facilities of convenient, living all ready, but tall house price already was not young buy course of study to be able to bear. Condition of the traffic condition with the periphery current area with room relatively inferior value, life form a complete set remains to rise, increased the inconvenience on the life not only, also raised daily life cost (especially traffic gives travel cost) .

Second, complicated and confusing of adjusting control policy. 2007, to prevent macroscopical economy from slant fast transform to overheat, transform to overall inflation from structural sex to prevent inflation, annual is added 6 times breath, a year period loan is standard interest rate from the beginning of the year 6.12% 7.47% what raise year end. From this, of the cost buying a house that raised to buy room person considerably and leasehold person still lend amount. Younger to economic base young buy industry person, economic pressure is steep add.

On September 28, 2007, room of the 2nd flatlet is borrowed new politics come on stage, stipulated the family buys house of the 2nd ring, head pay rise 40% , rise of loan interest rate 10% . The regulation buys a house in what mentally affected a young person not only decision-making, and to already buying the kid of the room jointly with parents character, buy bridal chamber to will be maintained curtilage by the 2nd ring again. This is opposite again originally the youth with not quite bounteous economy increased economic pressure.

Of experience tired

A lot of young buy course of study person experience of life is insufficient, the sentimentally attached that lays risk of vivid, job to future is insufficient.
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