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Is this meeting those who collapse Chinese building city " last straw " ?

On August 27, the Central Bank and silver-colored inspect can allot jointly " promote about finance managing the announcement that uses the land " , it put forward to include " loan mortgage rate is top 70% what must not exceed pawn to assess value, in principle of loan time limit does not exceed 2 years " wait for 5 bans. In the stock market special delicate in health hard direct financing during, the estate that this lets many capital catenary are already be between the beetle and the block undoubtedly developed business to break off final fluky psychology. After this, whether is development business met behind follow mainland medium and small businesses, change to those cringe as PE, usurious hot money, cadge with the annual interest rate of 50%~100% the water that earn a living?

The market effect of this announcement comparatives probably big, resemble on June 7, a after guarding battle start shooting at 3000 o'clock, the moment of truth that point out mistakes so that they can be corrected builds a base 2 times, the Central Bank is one-time go up 17.5% what move the deposit reserve of 1% to lead to historical record, defend a group of people of same interest at 3000 o'clock immediately fall to pieces, index of the card on morrow falls greatly 7.73% , drop 6 days repeatedly go 16% . And this informs the effect to building city, my estimation and former have compare.

Next, the capital catenary of many land agent ruptures, the defeat below house price already was situation be in inevitable. To such situation, believe to have many person clap express one's gratification. The reason has 2: One, in going a few years, estate is the most upstart industry, there is no lack of a few land agent hole cheat abduct, be rich but cruel, now is " be in debt return money " when; 2, the person that do not have a room can think: House price is too expensive before, can not afford, house price falls now come down gift is nice, drop 30% do not pass addiction, drop 50% about the same still.

Say a truth, oneself also do not have what good impression to real-estate industry, those blessing cloth of China Si Fuhao people about the half has real estate Wu, this is an unbalanced and eruptive industry apparently. Ablution of ground of cold to such industry high also be should. However, if get to the bottom of comes down, if do not have the source of monetary policy -- the RMB appreciates quickly continuously, the RMB adds the temptation of breath continuously, domestic and international hot money is much congenial RMB asset, especially building city, stock market -- if do not have monetary water,the quantity soars, do those resemble " fish " and " shrimp " how can same land agent grow so " fat " ? As to " house price is too expensive, drop greatly come down to just can be canned afford " state of mind, the author cannot agree without reservation however. Although did not come,commodity house price falls 30% , even 50% , low income person was canned afford really? Deny, the asset because of family of a few ten million already greatly shrink, nowadays (on August 31) point to already went via dropping bit higher by the history 61% , a investor money (current stock market is worth) those who evaporated to make an appointment with 6.67 trillion yuan is gigantic.
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