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Investment trades incline to 23 line cities

Dai Deliang of DTZ of international property adviser was published a few days ago all right " big China property invests a report " say, chinese inland estate invested the market to produce 3 big change first half of the year 2008: The residence kind property occupies double ratio exemple to rise considerably, become investor main goal; Churchyard investor scale soars; Although city of a gleam of still belongs to investment first selection, but investor look already turned to second line and the city that approach 3 lines.

DTZ wears subregion of north of heart bridge travel to invest a ministry to be in charge of Li Zhirong to say: "Before 2008 6 months, the whole nation records 318 in all big trade, ancestor several relatively the corresponding period rose last year 77% ; Involve amount from last year the 13.37 billion dollar of the corresponding period rises to 24.93 billion dollar, by year rise panel height to amount to 86% , the investment that this report gives market of Chinese inland estate still active, and property owner also can put carry out property in appropriate price level. "

2008 first half of the year the residence kind of buying and selling trade amplitude is very outstanding, broke past property to invest the market to give priority to the situation that guide with the property of commercial type. Trade in 318 in, whole residence in building property and land business kind trade to have 106 in all, but last year the corresponding period trades this kinds only 16, press year of amplitude to amount to to 562.5% . Whole residential category in building property to trade looks more from last year first half of the year have two only, add up to now year first half of the year in all 33, press year of amplitude to be as high as 1550% .

Whole first half of the year 2008 in building property to trade, churchyard capital was occupied 78% , and time look 2007 first half of the year when, this number has 31% only. To this, li Zhirong thinks, macroscopical adjusting control makes gold of condition foreign capital encounters greater difficulty when Chinese market does business, become because of trading formalities more heavy and complicated, examine and approve time longer also, the opportunity that variable appears during is potential also grow in quantity; Relatively, churchyard capital is restricted lesser by this kind, it is easier to buying a respect.

The report points out, sea of as above of city of a gleam of and Beijing still are main estate investment market, but data shows activity of two ground market is decreased a bit, the incline to of investor begins to change the 23 lines such as Dalian, Chongqing, Wuhan, Tianjin and Shenyang to the city. Property builds to trade in what 23 lines city undertakes is whole the amplitude of the quantity is remarkable, from last year 4 of first half of the year are added up to now year 47 of first half of the year, by year litre achieve 1075% .
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