Loan of forbidden development business bought the bank 2008 the ground
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The Central Bank asks financial orgnaization does not get a room to borrow development business to buy the land, bank of Shanghai, Beijing and other places has begun pressure test

24118 yuan / residence of square metre Shanghai uses ground emersion " the ground "

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Netizen heat discusses: Loan of forbidden development business buys the Central Bank

Second borrow the crisis, break let superintended a branch to raise vigilance to estate banking for the incident such as tide. Yesterday, the Central Bank and silver-colored inspect can be announced " finance promotes managing intensive to inform with the ground " , ask each finance orgnaization is forbidden put borrow development business to buy the land.

Downstage income after all how, it is what reason let them choose downstage this profession...

Must not put borrow development business to buy the land

" announcement " requirement, credit of strict commerciality estate manages, financial orgnaization prohibits developing an enterprise to extend to be used technically at capture to make the loan of money paid for something purchased or received for something sold of land sell one's own things to estate.

Manager of department of credit of estate of some commercial bank is to this understanding: "Superintendency branch basically is to be on guard financial system risk, bank loan buys the ground to create development business easily to development business ground of many store up, push tall land price, once price fall after a rise, the risk that the commercial bank faces is increased. "

In addition, " announcement " requirement, collective to using a country land develops the development business of commerciality estate, must not extend loan; The town dweller of housing is built on collective to buying a country land, must not extend housing borrows money.

Chief of department of credit of a national commercial bank expresses: "The loan that the bank opens trade to estate now is very careful, abiding by gross control, have retain the train of thought that press will examine and approve loan, better to cooperating at ordinary times, credit spends higher estate company to continue to support, but the financing that a few small estate develop business is more difficult. Real-estate industry will form business of choice of strategy of big development business, small development to face the situation that fall into disuse. "

In light of the bank that signs up for from inside be announced at present, the annulus of loan remaining sum to real estate grows most bank more quickly than all coming true, the bank that start line of business is occupied with the real-estate loan of 14.29% than head the list. It is reported, at present the partial bank of Shanghai Beijing has begun to do pressure test, think to drop in house price the bank below the environment can bear how old risk.
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