Delay of loan of 7 months housing adds 206.6 billion undesirable risk to have no
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House price drops, borrow the room pushed where the wind and the waves are highest.

The data that the reporter obtains from the commercial bank shows, up to on July 31, the market still austere, remaining sum of loan of individual of countrywide finance orgnaization is total three thousand five hundred and seventy-two billion four hundred million, increase than the beginning of the year 294.1 billion. Among them housing mortgages loan remaining sum two thousand nine hundred and eight billion eight hundred million, increment (measure than what the beginning of the year increases this year) it is 206.6 billion yuan only, and the increment of the corresponding period achieved 366.9 billion yuan last year.

What expression highlights is the bank that enrol business, smooth big bank. Action travel is in the beginning of the year " moss-grown " hind undertake adjustment instantly, already killed nowadays time in former days market position.

However the risk is one hangs overhead sword from beginning to end. What announce all right from the deep development, bank that start line of business, action is medium in light of the newspaper, the fraction defective that individual room borrows is only at present 2 millesimals the left and right sides, far the individual loan fraction defective under them is average level. Will look from the number, the leap up that the house price of partial area drops to had not caused fraction defective rises.

Action travel regain takes the lead sheep

The market the more abominable, can show each talent the more.

Up to in July, the increment that consumes loan according to individual of share-holding system bank (compare the beginning of the year) in light of, the Guang Dayin with outstanding performance of before a few months goes this month seating arrangement the first, 16.4 billion yuan; Action travel is located in the 2nd, 15.9 billion yuan; Pu Fayin goes 10 billion yuan, the bank is believed in 7 billion yuan, wide issue 6.5 billion yuan, deep development 5.9 billion yuan, bank of the people's livelihood 2.3 billion yuan, the bank that start line of business 600 million yuan, bank of an ancient name for China 100 million yuan.

The measure that these digital backside reflected each banks to differ and " the mood " .

The action that is in lead position in retail bank goes, from this year room of the beginning of the year is borrowed " coast " desertion the first later, undertook adjustment immediately, these a few months come, enrol a lost territory of progressively already recover, the individual consumed loan regain in May the first. By July, its housing mortgages loan increment to also be located in position of first of share-holding system bank----8.9 billion yuan. What action travel announced recently in its is medium express in the newspaper, 2008 first half of the year, increased innovation of retail loan product and sale strength. Its measure includes: Loan of the comprehensive individual that start is basic flow is transformed, will medium tiring-room operation centers branch; Build system of individual loan new product, innovation is rolled out " consumption is easy " product, it is agency with one cartoon, integrated individual housing loan and individual consumption pay, farther aggrandizement the function of conduct financial transactions that individual housing borrows money; The organization is begun " break out of an encirclement 2008 " contest of individual loan sale, steady progress individual manages sexual loan to wait.
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