Does deposit reserve move pace to stop on rate reduce cycle to will be started?
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Rise the fall after a rise of the rein in of speed and inflationary level as Chinese economy, already also began to be adjusted somewhat from tight monetary policy. At present the market anticipates, deposit reserve leads a likelihood to won't go up again tone, and if be added in economy fast glide further, below the circumstance that capital turns and pours out of, deposit reserve is led still can reduce possibly even.

Possibility of the attune on August a few not have

The deposit reserve that held every key on the month originally is led did not continue to move July, and as the drawing near by August, the possibility of the attune on August also already very little.

Because second half of the year expires financing volume is minor, flow into the possibility that puts delay plus outside capital, at present the market anticipates reserve of deposit of second half of the year leads a likelihood move on the meeting only, perhaps won't go up again tone.

Analytic personage points out even, if economy of second half of the year is added fast gliding evidence is more clear, capital turns and pour out of, deposit reserve leads the possibility that returns existence to reduce. "If monetary policy turns and loosen, deposit reserve leads a likelihood to also be met excel interest rate, make the tool that the Central Bank reduces above all. " public figure of department of capital of one commercial bank says, and add in economy fast below the case that puts delay, add the possibility of breath to be able to eliminate completely basically.

In addition, " daily of the first finance and economics " still be in know from personage of know the inside story, each foreign capital also received the phone announcement of the Central Bank a few days ago all right, want foreign capital to put forward to move the application that increases line of credit all right only, basically can win approval. This means the control of line of credit that goes to foreign capital to had been unlocked in fact in fact.

"Foreign capital goes the forehead first half of the year is spent did not give out, because this has line of credit again,control also has done not have much great sense actually. " afore-mentioned personages express, the line of credit that goes to foreign capital next year controls a likelihood to also can cancel.

By July, central Bank to sit a meeting, in allowing, endowment travel increases the line of credit of 5%~10% , use at putting in medium and small businesses. As we have learned, endowment travel should offer application by oneself only in can, cursory consideration, this loosens the credit increment that will bring many yuan 2000.

The grand of annals of king of advanced economy division that broken bits hits a bank to be stationed in Shanghai also points out in the implied meaning that discussing finance policy a few days ago, after Chinese economy grows the rein in of speed, monetary policy should excel finance policy, be used to above all the effect that produces exciting economy, and Chinese monetary policy still also has loosened space, include what the relaxation of line of credit and deposit reserve lead to reduce etc.
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