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In August up to now, company of estate of nearly 10 Shanghai is combining financing of property right bourse, pitch of intensity of catenary of development business capital pointing out inside course of study already was " on the verge of breaking out " .

The reporter combines the discovery on website of property right bourse in Shanghai, the half moon on August, this city has look forward to of nearly 10 rooms to combine property right bourse to transfer equity in Shanghai, among them the project number with odd pen the largest amount is " G308SH1002016 " , make over 10 thousand eminent of Shanghai to invest limited company 100% equity and two hundred and twenty-one million six hundred and sixty thousand yuan creditor's rights, hang list price to add up to about two hundred and eighty-nine million and thirty thousand yuan. This project basis fine program (2006)565 date file, main economic norms is the project: (1) covers an area of an area: Fifty-seven thousand nine hundred and forteen square metre; (2) cubage leads: 0.5; (3) floor area: Twenty-eight thousand nine hundred and fifty-seven square metre; (4) builds height: Do not exceed 20 meters.

Additionally a number are " Q308SH1030001 " financing project also has quite representative, the name of mark is " Shanghai and Jing investment limited company 36.36% equity financing " , hang list price to make an appointment with 66.36 million yuan, to Pudong new developed area plain sand presses down 64 neighbor (village) estate of ground of 4/2 an administrative unit in Xizang runs development, real estate invests. Can see from inside announcement, this plot twenty-one thousand nine hundred and seventy-nine square metre, be located at Shanghai Pudong inside plain sand town, formal on January 6 this year start is built, already entered construction of structure of building principal part, predict to be able to be opened to booking December, to project complete will be checked and accept in October 2009. "Place collect capital basically is used at remanding partner early days gets this project plot and early days charge to pay endowment money for our company. If with own reserves 110 million yuan are calculated, the static investment return rate of this project is 52% , year investment return rate is 26% , investment pay back period predicts 2 years. "

Chief expresses to the reporter related be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei, this year in June, the Central Bank reachs reserve ratio promotion the history is new tall, from 16.5% jump litre to 17.5% , increase the difficulty that develops business loan once more. At present estate market of home has begun to drop in temperature. Most development business finished the one fraction with budgetary medium 2008 plan only, the estate market of most city is diffusing wait-and-see mood. Face the credit that tightens up ceaselessly to control policy, develop business must readjust capital structure and land reserve, sell many project and equity invest, develop project financing for other. In the meantime, this also was the development business with those abundant financing to offer more to enter the chance of the market.
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