Bank of combination of business of 6 big house property depreciates bank of hous
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Oriental net on July 30 message: Include on Shanghai yesterday greenbelt, big China, main controller assembles in ground of 10 thousand divisions, gold, Ren Heng and the business of 6 big house property that enrol business inside holding by branch of Shanghai of Bank of China " the domestic house car of ideal of Great Wall · gets stuck " head hair ceremonially. The opening remarks speak bluntly of the president assistant Zhu Tao of Shanghai branch goes in, each just are produced in at present room course of study " wailing wind and weeping rain-wretched circumstances " gather ability feels in the day " warm " . As we have learned, car card makes love to be able to be offerred for the client in buy a room to hit fold, loan province breath and house property intermediary trade the multinomial innovation function such as commission privilege.
House property business: Dozen fold already demonstrated an attitude
A golden ministry goes in occupying relevant personage introduces, the car makes love to block a client to enjoy courteous reception alone in concerning, it is medium the particularly favourable activity that carries business of domestic famous house property to offer all right, specific include to organize on Shanghai 6 big estate to develop business 10 many in sell a building dish develop activity yielding benefit; Buy reach the favourable policy with when recommending other to clinch a deal, will be enjoyed proper, if derate building is safe, evaluate expend and carry insurance cost to wait.
The data that gets according to the reporter shows, the client is dealt with in make love the biggest discount buying a house that car card can enjoy is greenbelt of house property business those who offer 9.6 fold, car card makes love in link up with, greenbelt rolled out two buildings in all dish. According to net main rooms landed data shows, of apartment of among them greenbelt sprain cheap can make work total a cycle of songs in a traditional opera still has 160, from Feburary 14, 2007 the individual house property of open quotation still is in peddle; And a total square of 562 international of bank of the East China Sea from March there still are 207 to be in since open quotation of the middle ten days of a month peddle, see contact day open quotation make work namely smooth circumstance had no longer apparently.
And this with in travel collaboration stretch rolls out 5 to hit break floor yielding benefit dish, ground of gold of house property business was to be immersed in capital difficult position apparently more. As appear on the market company, jindeji is round (600383) announcement says yesterday, this company is added hair do not exceed 720 million A plan did not obtain card inspect to be able to be passed. Golden ground expresses about chief, this may affect the development plan that did not come to the company inside period of time. Considering current market condition, the development construction that the board of directors drafts not to exceed collect capital amount 8.5 billion yuan to be used at the 15 real-estate project such as Xi'an Shang Linyuan formerly invests and repay project loan is affected. The relevant personage that is close to golden ground expresses, the capital catenary insecurity of golden ground already was the secret is made public inside course of study, add hair be denied to force its to go " innovation financing " road, the collaboration that just did not think of its and Bank of China really can be rolled out so quickly.
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