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In credit constrictive setting falls, property right market becomes financing of many medium and small businesses " choose finally " .
Shanghai combines the statistical data of property right bourse to show, 2008 first half of the year, estate company deals through financing of equity of implementation of property right market 116, clinch a deal amount amounts to 8.958 billion yuan, relatively the corresponding period grew nearly 6 to become considerably 2007.
"Until the last moment, the enterprise won't take the kind of property right financing. " Shanghai 5 add up to Zou Yi of wisdom library general manager (guest of Zou Yi rich, zou Yi news, zou Yi says) express.
Property right of sell one's own things financing help sb to deal with an emergency
The time that lacks cash is uneasy. Not dominant to dimensions and actual strength in for small landed company, such feeling more deep.
Although be in a lot of in of employer of small estate company or controller subconscious in, even if has investment to just be willing to buy the equity of the enterprise, they still are pair of others oneself are mere when large stockholder it is to hold the situation of dish of hand to cannot be accepted, but in money constrictive feasibility condition falls, must be on a such road again however.
Below this kind of circumstance, property right market becomes financing of many medium and small businesses replace an option. Many estate companies passed market of Shanghai property right to realize equity financing successfully.
"Sell one's own things one part equity, this is right in had been for small landed company ' next a bad plan ' " . Zou Yi thinks, although equity financing can settle a pressing need of landed enterprise, but bad place can have namely buy the home " loot a burning house " , with extremely low price cheap buy.
Will look according to current case, many enterprises are sold to his equity very satisfactory. At the beginning of 2008, shanghai is green into house property finite liability company passes sell one's own things of property right market course of study of 9 cities buy limited company 20% equity, final a private enterprise with 100 million multivariate high price bursa of income of this part equity in, clinch a deal valence relatively many yuan 7000 hang list price appreciation nearly 40% .
Same, 10 thousand estate companies of Shanghai (new city of 600641) , treasure mountain (guest of new city rich, new city news, new city says) the equity of 10% makes over construction development limited company, also clinch a deal finally with 137 million yuan high price, relatively hang out one's shingle base price tower above 57.3% .
"Equity financing is OK set ' redemptive ' deadline, both sides can sign an agreement, the time node that the agreement counter-purchases and bilateral rights and interests, below current condition, this also is a kind of good idea. " Zou Yi thinks.
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