Early-warning is undesirable loan rebounds Jiangsu is special risk of credit of
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Jiangsu appears possibly to second half of the year bad loan rebounds put forward early-warning.

29 days, 2 quarters superintend bureau of Jiangsu silver-colored inspect regular meeting is particularly right the credit of industry of estate, spin and big client give professional work of letter, bill, gave out corresponding risk clew. Yu Xuejun of director of bureau of Jiangsu silver-colored inspect expresses, the commercial bank should strengthen credit risk management, do good case to prevent at the same time accuse.

Commercial bank of Jiangsu province share-holding system is bad loan begins from April successive 3 months increase, increase 72 million yuan respectively, 19 million yuan, 109 million yuan. June that month, establish prior there are 5 bad loans to increase in commercial bank of 9 share-holding system, other 4 also are to fall slightly, the part is large the bank is individual month also appears bad loan adds a condition.

Up to in May end, there is signal of 92 enterprises occurrence early-warning inside Jiangsu administer, increase 12 than the beginning of the year, the loan remaining sum of early-warning enterprise 117.3 billion yuan, increase 11.6 billion yuan than the beginning of the year.

Yu Xuejun analysis says, at present countrywide real estate is faced with a quantity to shrink the circumstance that price falls, the demand structure that estate borrows money produced change, the potential risk that estate development borrows money and individual buy room loan risk to be in increase. "The commercial bank should take this part seriously to borrow money to rebound undesirably. "

Meanwhile, jiangsu is provincial first half of the year appeared 12 cases incident of the big risk that give a letter, involve loan 4.7 billion yuan. Yu Xuejun points out, bizygomatic breadth of the capital inside very long period of time is loose, make partial enterprise dilate actuation and intense, booth is spread too greatly, bring about indebted rate on the high side, arose accordingly short borrow long with, interlink assures wait for a problem.

It is reported, jiangsu saves bad loan to drop first half of the year 5.628 billion yuan, drop first quarter among them 3.729 billion yuan, 2 quarters drop 1.899 billion yuan. But from complete first half of the year province of nearly 3 years orgnaization of main banking finance divides circumstance of month of bad loan downtrend to look, downtrend is the most apparent 2006, downtrend put delay somewhat 2007, put delay sign 2008 more remarkable.

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